Regular training at the Partner Laboratories during the course of the NADIV project

During the three year’s life of the NADIV project the participating Partners have been regularly informing the diagnostic staff of their home institutes. The achievements of the project, the improved diagnostic approaches have been continuously transferred towards the diagnostic services. Active feedback from the diagnostic has been considered during the R&D activities of NADIV, on a regular basis. This strategy has resulted in a successful TOK towards the diagnostic services and vice versa, toward the researchers and developers in the NADIV consortium.

Special international workshop to disseminate the results of the project and to strengthen the Transfer of Knowledge

On 23 November 2016, Wednesday a workshop will be organised at the Seibersdorf Laboratories, in order to disseminate the results of the project and to strengthen the Transfer of Knowledge towards a wide range of diagnostic laboratories in Africa, Asia and Europe, with the support of the Animal Production and Health Section, FAO/IAEA Joint Division and of the FAO/IAEA global international network of diagnostic institutes in veterinary medicine.

This will be a joint workshop supported by the NADIV project and it will be connected to the Regional Workshop on the Advanced Diagnosis and Control of Emerging Transboundary Animal Diseases, with Emphasis on Lumpy Skin Disease. The latter workshop is supported by the IAEA TC PROJECT RER/9/137:“Enhancing National Capabilities for Response to Nuclear and Radiological Emergencies”; Component on “Re-enforcing Veterinary Authorities to Respond to Nuclear Emergencies”, Animal Production and Health Sub-Programme of the Joint FAO/IAEA Division.

Draft of the AGENDA